Nicola Koschel

Nicola Koschel (née Schneider) is an independent tourism consultant with a focus on the sustainable development and environmental management of tourism with considerable international experience. She graduated with a Master is Sustainable Tourism Management from the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde, Germany.[…]

After graduating from her first degree, a BBA in Tourism Management and Consultancy, from the Breda University of Professional Education in The Netherlands she gained experience in capturing cultures and the travel industry by writing reports and producing moving images. This resulted in the formation of an image film company focused on tourism.
Nicola Koschel works with a network of specialist researchers, experts and associates as well as by order of renowned consultancy firms. She has travelled and/or worked in Europe, North- and South America, North Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania.
The work’s challenge lies in facilitating enduring partnerships between stakeholders and building local capacity for sustainable development through tourism. This is done by developing and applying practical tools that promote sustainability in travel and tourism.