I offer 16 years experience in tourism consultancy predominantly focusing on the development of sustainable tourism in the national and international context, criteria/indicator development, monitoring studies and the assessment of existing tourism products and programs. To ensure sustainable success, the development proposals also address the needs of the wider community in ways that promote regional and cross-sectoral integration.

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

In 2016 I joined the Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC®) on behalf of WWF. This includes being a member of the International Standards Committee, the Assurance Panel and the Destination Stewardship Committee. The GSTC manages the GSTC Criteria, global standards for sustainable travel and tourism; as well as providing international accreditation for sustainable tourism Certification Bodies.

The GSTC Assurance Panel seeks to recognize and accredit standards and certification programs that are credible, transparent, impartial, and comply with the GSTC Criteria for sustainable tourism. For more info click here.

Criteria and indicator development

Credible verification of sustainable policies, operations and impacts of tourism businesses and destinations is key to the transformation of sustainable tourism. Since 2016 I am woking on developing tourism criteria and indicators to assist this transformation, whether on the global level by revising the global GSTC sustainable tourism criteria or on regional level by developing a sustainable tourism index for South Tyrol.

Sustainable tourism training

In order to ensure a more sustainable future, destinations must educate, train, and support their travel industry stakeholders (operators, hotels, DMO’s, etc). And I am  happy to support it as a trainer of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP). The GSTC has developed a popular training to educate stakeholders on the use of contemporary tools and resources to facilitate the transition to sustainable practices. We offer a 2-3-day in-person training class or a facilitated online course. It is also possible to book a tailored training for your companies’ or destinations’ need.

International marketing & representation

I can fall back on 10 years experience in destination representation, international marketing and B2B cooperation, e.g. acquisition of tour operators, press presentations and trade shows. From 2009 to 2019 I was the official representative of the state Brandenburg in the Netherlands for the Tourism Marketing Brandenburg GmbH.


I offer hands-on experience in organizing and managing conferences, workshops, awards and study trips. My portfolio includes e.g. organizing the federal “Sustainable Tourism Award 2012”, the “European Destination Award of Excellence 2010” for the German Tourism Association and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology or the conference “Tourism, Biodiversity and Climate Change” for the Federal Ministry of the Environment.

Some references are:

  • Development (organization, coordination and scientific management) of the European Destination Award of Excellence 2010 in Germany for the German Tourism Association and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, contracted by BTE Tourism Management,Regional Development.
  • Organization of the conference “Tourism, Biodiversity and Climate Change” on November 27th in Berlin, by order of The German Tourism Association, the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry of the Environment, contracted by BTE Tourism Management, Regional Development
  • Organization of the conference „Go East! The New Feral States of Germany as a holiday destination for foreign tourists” for the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, contracted by BTE Tourism Management, Regional Development Invitation flyer
  • Organization of a scientific training for experts of the Radiation Safety Department of the Estonian Environmental Board by order of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), contracted by BTE Tourism Management, Regional Development
  • Organization of three workshop with reference to the development of a marketing concept for a new established network of visitor centers in the protected areas of Brandenburg (incl. 3 workshops with the representatives) by order of Pro Agro, contracted by BTE Tourism Management, Regional Development Website

Content marketing & storytelling

Sustainability has more power to transform with successful storytelling. You need to get your sustainable efforts shared with the world or your achievements promoted to your customers? Right here is where sustainability neerds meet marketing geniuses! Together with dedicated experts in the field of storytelling we provide you with the tools needed: whether it is a marketing concept, photography, videography or social media content. Great efforts need telling!

Head of storytelling is my husband Philip: www.koschel.de

Please see “References” for a description of selected consultancy projects from 2007-2023 or ask for my CV.